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  • How long will the work on my engine take?
    Every job, Every engine is different depending on your requirements we'll estimate a time frame accordingly. we do not use huge machines to do our work, everything is done by hand by one man, John Floyd. To ensure only the best most accurate work.
  • Do you have a Dyno?
    I do not have a Dyno however, I may be able to point you in the right direction of one. I only have a small setup and in no way industrial so I could not facilitate the space for one.
  • How soon can you fit me in?
    This can range from job to job or even the time of year, I work alone with hand tools, I do not use mass production machinery to knock engines out daily. This ensures accurate reliable work. I do and always will work to an extremely high standard so please always call me and we'll have a chat as to when I can get your engine in and start work.
  • How much will it cost to rebuild my engine
    Engine rebuild prices can differ massively depending on the condition of all components supplied and what is needed in the build and the customers' specifications on parts and aesthetics so please always call or email i'm happy to quote you for your specific needs.
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