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Had my grandads engine done by This guy Can’t recommend him enough, from day one kept me in the loop. It’s personalized and extremely specialist work, I can guarantee you won’t get better. His eye for detail is second to none. Thank you so much for making it an easy process and surprising my grandad with this.

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Can’t recommend John enough I took my 350lc engine to him, it had been sat in my shed for 15 years after being burnt out with my bike, he managed to get it stripped cleaned as there was melted plastic everywhere, then rebuilt it with a mild tune. He has a real passion for his work which shows through in the quality of his workmanship. I will go nowhere else now.

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John tuned another cylinder for me recently. Yamaha IT175 Enduro. I wanted a bit more top end rpm but without any loss in mid range. He's done exactly that. If anything its got a bit more mid range! Thanks John! Great guy too. Always really helpful.

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John has just completed tuning my engine. The standard of workmanship is first class. His knowledge of two stroke engines is outstanding and his willingness to help with advice has been a great help with my project. I would recommend John, if you need a simple road tune to a full out race engine. John is very good at finding solutions to very difficult problems and getting that last bit of power, where you need it in the power band.

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