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Meet John Floyd: About

Where it all started for me

Lets start at the beginning

This addiction started as a 5-year-old, climbing on motorcycles parked in the street to see how fast the mph clock showed!!
My dad then had a rover v8 and I always asked him to go as fast as he could. I was addicted to speed at a very young age. Then at the age of 15 got my 1st motorcycle.
at 16 I got a road 50cc that was soon bored to 37.5mph. I started spending all my pocket money on exhausts ect to go only 39mph craving more power, more adrenaline!
at the age of 17, I got my first 125cc, More Power! A  Yamaha rd125lc I tinkered with it enough to get 97mph from it, from there it just snowballed, the bug of tuning had started.
I Passed my test at 17 and got myself an rd350lc (I still have it to this day) the same week pushing it way beyond its capabilities I blew it up! I got a quote from a local garage to rebuild it but just couldn't afford it, I was just an apprentice at the time. so I decided to rebuild the engine myself and blueprinted the components. It was considerably faster and so my love for tuning had begun and continued to this day, After years of joinery I had lots of people asking me to make their bike as quick as mine! That's when I decided to go full time and make my passion my job. So, here I am. Ready for all your two-stroke needs. 

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